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Cape Town to feature on German TV

Shortly after ten on Thursday night (14 August) the spotlight will fall on Cape Town on German television.

It'll be a full-length feature on the Mother City - the third and final feature in a short summer series on the ZDF station called "Dream Cities of the World". The other cities featured were Vancouver and Paris.

It promises to be a feature not to be missed - even in the Olympic week.

Afterthought: ZDF issued a short summary today of what we can expect on Thursday night. It made me think of my student friend, who once said (when I asked how the "blind date" was) she was "kinderlik naief en spontaan idioties".

The ZDF expose says, in all seriousness, "the feature also shows the borders between black and white, rich and poor, still exist 14 years after the end of apartheid".

Isn't that sweet? So "kinderlik naief", one must smile. I wonder whether ZDF will ever marvel that, "after four decades the Turks and the Germans still live as two nations in one country"? No. Then why should South Africa be different?
12.8.08 21:52


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