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With a little luck, South Africa might have fast, cheap broadband soon...

Telkom and mobile phone company Vodacom might be in for a few shareholder changes - if this news item from UK website is anything to go by:

"A person familiar with the situation said UK's Vodafone was interested in buying an additional 12.5% stake in Vodacom, giving it control with a 62.5% shareholding.

"Vodacom is jointly owned by Vodafone and landline operator Telkom SA. Vodafone has offered to increase its stake in the mobile operator, conditional on Telkom spinning off its remaining holding to its shareholders.

"Separately, South African business tycoon Tokyo Sexwale's Mvelaphanda Holdings, New York-listed Och-Ziff Capital Management and other strategic backers have written to Telkom to say they are interested in buying Telkom, less its 50% stake in Vodacom."
11.7.08 16:46


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