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Naspers has a new 'gatgabba' in Germany

For the second time in two weeks the names of SA-based media house Naspers and German media group Georg von Holtzbrinck popped up in articles with the two as partners.

The two groups seem to be strengthening their ties. If that is so, I can only say: Good choice, Naspers.

The first article referred to the two as partners in a German mobile TV project known as Mobile 3.0 (read article below titled "Naspers's German excursion threatens to derail").

This morning I stumbled across a second article (actually a press release...the link is below).

Like Naspers (since 1997), Holtzbrinck has also been extremely active in the web world for a number of years. I guess one could say Naspers is Africa's leading internet company? Well, Holtzbrinck is (in my opinion) Germany's most successful and most innovative publishing group when it comes to internet businesses.

Having worked for the one for 17 years and having lived 100 meters away from the front door of the other's head office in Germany for six years, my gut tells me the two fit together.

There's another reason why I think they fit together: Both love to throw money at interesting internet projects. Like this one:

(Please paste into your browser in a single line. Sorry for being so "agter die klip".)

Here again, the cooperation makes sense: Holtzbrinck is big in social networks (or so-called Web 2.0 portals), and will have many uses for an application like the one mentioned in the press release. As will Mobile 3.0, the joint venture mentioned above.
3.7.08 09:56


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